Hacker Stickers, Geek T-Shirts and Caffeine

We all know that hackers are a proud group.  We like to show off our talents like most proud parents of their honor roll students with bumper stickers.  Except we don’t just plaster our cars.  We put our stickers on everything.  Our laptops, ipads, servers, desks, walls, and everything else they can stick to.  We all wear our talents as battle armor with our t-shirts.  There is almost a t-shirt for every type of nerdly,  geekly, hackish, crackerish, or other weirdly thing we do.  And with our late nights pouring over code or taking things apart just to see how they work (and making them better in the process), you might need a little boost.  Here comes the caffeine.  Before you had cubes of Mountain Dew or mounts of Jolt Cola, but now we have pure caffeine mints, energy strips, and jolt gum.

So where can you get all this?????

Goto HackerStickers.com
Hacker Stickers, Geek T-Shirts and Caffeine

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